Development Program expanding Empathy
    through our energetic field .   Becoming one
    with plants, flowers, connecting with plant
    spirits to be used in medicine  and for healing.
    Expanding empathetic intuition through the
    consciousness stream of nature.

    Levels 1 & 2  

    Consciousness pervades all things on this planet.
    We are all vibration and as such connect with all
    energies. In this expanded development program
    we address the healing properties of specific
    plants, herbs, and use them as a gateway into the
    kingdom of nature and healing. We explore
    applications for growth, maintenance and use,
    exploring trees in vibration, and all topically,
    internally, vibrationally.

    You will have a chance to explore oils, aromas,
    and plant extracts through tinctures, teas and wild
    crafting. Nature is the avenue to our true
    consciousness, as has come as a partner in this
    journey on earth, join with us when we tune in.  
    The answers are in the subtle vibrations of peace.

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    Levels 1 & 2
    Each level contains (4) 1.5 hour private one on one
    lessons with me. We connect on the phone in studio or

    Behavior patterns of animals can be transformed
    through subtle communication.

    I will teach you how to read the subtle vibrations of
    your pets level and join with them through the
    highway of consciousness.. Understanding is
    immediate. Amazing!!

    Your animal will be very grateful that you're tuned
    in. Improve their quality of life..       

    LEVEL 1:   In this 4 part introductory level course
    you will be familiarized with the basic tools you
    need to enter Into your animal’s vibrations.  The
    basics of subtle communication will be revealed
    to you using exercises to attune your intuitive

    Each of these sessions covers an aspect of animal
    communication that will be experienced through
    the fourth dimension.

    You will be able to understand your animal’s
    behaviour and how it can be modified so you will
    easily be able to retrain behaviour patterns. The
    underlying result of this training is that you will
    be able to work with your
    animal without anxiety.

    Level 2:  This is a four part course that will guide
    you tune in deeper to your animal’s vibrations.  
    Using the exercises and skills learned in level 1
    you will able to monitor the progress of your
    animal  in its behavioural patterns.

    In this advanced level of animal intuition you will
    be trained how to detect your animal’s emotional
    state of being. You will be able to tune into your
    animal for healing and be more deeply attuned to
    your animal’s vibrations and bio-rythms.We will
    use animal Reiki and Quantum Healing techniques.

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