Love in the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness is a
    comprehensive journey, helping you live and enter the FEELING of Universal Love

                                                               Expand into the Heart Chakra

    Channelled from Judi's higher self, only love is felt and resonated. As you read the words  and listen to YOUR
    HEART, YOU will feel the vibration as only spiritual truths of  love can bring .

    The powerful states of consciousness vibrate  into your heart consciousness as each individual cell of your
    body resonates with the healing of Love, creating emotional well-being and a "feel good" energy.


    You will be taken through different modules to anchor in clarity and fulfillment in different areas of your life.

    - shed the old habits to fear, worry or doubt yourself,
    - learn to experience deep peace
    - expand in self-love; to honor and appreciate yourself deeply,
    - allow your relationships become a powerful gateway for growth, healing and union with the Divine.
    - claim back the power of your intuition,
    - access the infinite intelligence of your Soul,
    - embody oneness,
    - awaken to your life purpose,
    - open your Life to abundant synchronicities, and new amazing opportunities,
    - expand into your true potential for vitality and sustained balance.

How to exist in the Fifth Dimension

LET GO and feel LOVE
8 week transformational course

    Create your own reality by thoughts and intentions
    Experience through the heart all the answers you need

    Who are we?...
    What is our role in life and how can we be it?...
    .. What is the secret?

    This 8-week Transformational course is designed to help you open to the love consciousness and let go of
    fear. You will finally feel the love of Universal consciousness, when vibration and intuition resonate

    Each new session builds upon the previous one, creating an
    easy and enjoyable step by step process to refine your access to clarity, fulfillment and

    Each of our sessions begins with an introduction to the week before, so no momentum is
    lost and all is gained.

    Meditations are approx 30 minute sessions where you receive verbal instructions and
    powerful energetic transmissions. As you go through your meditations daily, they will
    build in their strength and clarity, creating a new alignment within you.

    Each day will reveal a new layer of information and guidance for your life. You will
    realize how the way you move through your world starts shifting because of your new
    alignment and perspective. It’s simple and easy, natural to our being.

                             Love is all there is.

    "Dear Judi,
    Indeed it was a pleasure
    to meet you.   I enjoy so
    much talking with you and
    find inspiration from it,
    somehow awaken my  
    inner passion to pursue
    my dreams . To be
    courageous." Love  H...