Speaking with me merges your soul with mine, automatically. I feel
    you. Enormous heart energy joins us as one.   Suddenly all is clear.
    Perspectives  and infinite possibilities emerge.

    Instantly. Easily. Profoundly.

    Joined in unconditional love new metaphysical perceptions open  
    clearing paths to new realities.  Soul to soul and heart connected to

       From V....  
    " Thank you for your advice and encouragement. My heart has
    very big since our call. It's taking all my attention. As if it just
    opened and is exploding. Wow : )"

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    Dear Judi….“Life is supposed to be
    extremely special. That’s why we
    work so hard at overcoming and
    living in alignment with life and
    loving it and learning and growing
    and evolving our human selves.”

    But then why would someone have  
    ended  their life so early for
    example at 20, from an overdose?
    That is what feels weird and I’m
    unable to reconcile it.

    The other day I had this thought,
    what if heaven is supposed to be a
    reward. You do the best you can
    while you are alive then you get this
    reward.  Apply that to my nephew  
    who died at 20, and it still doesn’t
    make sense. I know events in life
    are  not supposed to be about
    “making sense.”

    Meanwhile, my heart is always
    soothed whenever I think of him and
    talk to him in my mind. Even if he
    doesn’t respond right now. I tell him
    how much I love him all the time
    I know he hears me. ”  Thank you for
    answering my questions ��

    Judi writes..Dear One,  In our
    human form with our human
    minds, we cannot make sense of
    the seemingly random, and
    sometimes unfair events that

    All of the decisions about our lives
    and life path are reconciled in our
    “higher self” energy well beyond
    our physical forms.

    Each of us is connected to the
    expanded form of consciousness
    and can tap in and recognize what
    it feels like. Often described as
    peaceful, bliss, nature, or dreams..
    this is when we connect with our
    true selves.

    I feel your pain, and on the physical
    emotional levels of vibration, it
    feels very real. Yet where your
    nephew resides outside of the bod
    y in his expanded state, pain does
    not exist.

    Your heart is soothed because this
    is his and your true vibration.
    When you connect with that
    energy…you are home. Enjoy your
    movie and play in the body..what
    we call our lives, and know that
    this is but one dense dynamic of
    your unlimited form of universal
    consciousness that is the true you..
    Love you, Judi


    When we meditate, many
    see the image above.
    Indigo is energy and
    vibration of the third eye,
    and the sphere in the
    center. That’s the soul
    color you're seeing! We are
    not solid, only vibration of
    infinite color and


    Mediumship is our
    birthright. We are spirit
    inhabiting a human form
    for an adventure!

    A blink of an eye,a ten
    minute adventure,that’s
    what lifetimes feel like
    from the vantage point of
    the higher self. Smile
    more, worry less.

    For heaven’s sake, don’t
    take it all so seriously!


    We are energy pure and simple! I meet
    many, many people and each one asks me
    the same question. “How can I let go to be
    more..” me”? The real me, the one that
    lives from the  heart?”

    Countless sessions later, the answer is
    always the same, trust that letting go is
    the way. Letting go of holding on..to

    Attachments are what cause us pain, and
    block our natural course of attraction. This
    can be material attachments,.. a house,
    or car, or the big one, money, or
    emotional attachments, such as a
    relationship or feeling guilty about
    something we thought we did,  or are
    responsible for.  Thoughts are attachments

    When we forgive ourselves, and let go of
    these things that don’t feel good, Or
    decide we don’t need them, then we are
    free. Free to attract, and free of much
    If we only knew how wonderful we Truly
    ARE…..But who appreciates themselves
    the way we appreciate others? It’s time to
    start loving ourselves, and letting go. We
    deserve only the best, don’t we?

    DREAMS… Connecting
    with our Guides, Angels,
    and Loved ones..

    Did you know that in your sleep,
    you have memory of everyone
    you have ever met in your
    dreams, though you may or may
    not have met some of these
    people in your daytime

    In sleep and dreams you are
    involved in the SAME dimension
    of existence in which you will
    have your after-death

    A portion of our consciousness is
    aware of each and every dream
    encounter and experience. ..
    Your waking physical self is the
    dreamer. As far as the dreaming
    self is concerned: YOU are the
    dreamer it sends on its way.
    Your daily experiences are the
    dreams that it dreams.

    So when you look at your
    dreaming self or consider it, you
    do so with a highly prejudiced
    eye…taking it for granted that
    your “reality” is real, and the
    dream is illusion.

    However, the dream state is far
    more “real” than anything
    happening in our physical state.
    We have just trained ourselves
    to believe that nothing is real
    expect our current physical life,
    and that dreams cannot be
    translated into anything
    coherent when we wake, simply
    because they occur outside of
    the body.

    But within this framework of
    physical life, we are also meant
    to grow and develop, and
    extend the limits of our

    I am a Medium and Psychic. In a
    session with me you can contact
    guides and loved ones. I have
    designed workshops to teach
    this those who desire to expand
    their limits of consciousness.  

    Together we enter into that
    space of your dreams where a
    portion of your consciousness is
    always aware.

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