AND ENERGY CHANNEL

    I contact spirit guides and departed loved ones, communicating
    intuitively with plants and animals and all consciousness.   I am a
    channel of universal energy, bringing forth empowerment, awareness
    and messages from beyond, a mirror of  true soul consciousness. I
    connect on a soul level, healing and helping you remember who you
    really are. In this new vibrational consciousness we are choosing the
    paths to  our true selves.

    Many are seeing energies, and bright lights of spirit, and are afraid.
    People have been prescribed anti-depressants for anxiety, when what
    is really happening to them is awakening.  All should know that this is
    our true existence and more. So much more, because of course, we
    are the ALL. When we trust ourselves, love ourselves, we are in our
    true nature and power.  Connect with me to start your journey.

    LOVE....LOVE...LOVE...Feel soul's true
    From Marjo Charbo  Hello Judith, we haven’t met as I haven’t
    participated in meetings since my registration. Now, I’m writing you
    about your story. While reading it, I felt deeply touched like crying
    deep inside. Can’t express more at the moment but I retain from your
    story the courage, the determination and confidence. Thank you
    Judith.  Be well and safe,  See you soon.

    Reply, Hi Marjo,   Thanks for your beautiful note. What touched you
    was the understanding that we are more than what we think we are.
    I feel a deep well of true understanding coming to the surface of your
    awareness. Sometime emotional blocks and life situations cause us to
    “shut down” this awareness. When we feel the resonance, we feel

    What affects us so strongly, and what you felt from my bio, is the
    love that you felt, that strong love that we exist within, but
    sometimes don’t notice.
    I’m looking forward to meeting you soon, and in this note exchange,
    we have already met in the highway of consciousness. Take care,

    From Emmy D. ...Dear Judi,  You have made quite a transformation.
    Can you help me to understand more of why my life is the way it is?
    How would you do this so that I can feel that my life is worthwhile?
    Looking forward to your reply. Sincerely Emmy D.

    Reply: Dear One,   Just don’t be judgmental as we’re all on a path of
    discovery, shedding emotional issues, and finding our true perfect
    selves once again. This is a manifestation in the physical of your
    whole self, yet just an aspect exists within the body. You are many
    bodies existing at this same time..the now. Some are in physical,
    some are in other planes, not physical, past present and future.  You
    are BIG!

    All of these simultaneous experiences are carried in the higher self…..
    dreams give a little glimpse, but remember the understanding is
    limited when we wake up …being filtered through the mind. So my
    suggestion is … Just be happy and in joy,
    and don’t put energy into the rest of it. As you choose joy and follow
    your passion, the rest of the conflicting thoughts and emotions will
    fall away, and become less important.

    (A continuously unfolding transformation)

    As I was rushed to the hospital with a huge saddle pulmonary
    embolism, blocking the blood flow and oxygen to the entire right side
    of my heart, I reflected on the suddenness with surprise. I was
    physically healthy and had just finished taking my doggie for his walk..
    but IT WAS MY TIME FOR CHANGE, shifting my life into my true
    purpose. For so long I was identified with only the roles of this
    lifetime. Was I surprised to be pushed out of my limited reality. The
    journey has not been easy!

    Barely breathing, I collapsed in the emergency room. Within several
    hours   of arriving, the breathing got harder, and harder, even with
    oxygen. Suddenly I slumped in my bed and stopped breathing.

    The experiences started then: I still had an awareness of where I
    was,  in the emergency room. But in my reality, the room got brighter
    and brighter, like a thousand fluorescent lights were shining.

    The feeling I had was calm and even happy. I was aware of
    everything around me, yet I was there beside myself in another bed. I
    was talking to people surrounding my bed, and didn’t really ask who
    they were.

    They were dressed as nurses and doctors, yet I felt they were old
    friends.   I was happy and content, yet I knew , just next to me I was
    also lying in the  bed not breathing, slumped in my hospital gown.

    I wanted to stay in the other hospital bed, so bright and cheerful. I
    was  fully awake and aware. Processing all the information that I was
    receiving.  I understood that I was also the body slumped in the bed
    next to mine.

    But I felt so vibrantly awake and at peace where I was.
    It was a larger place, full of light and good feelings, as if the air
    suddenly  became clear and drinkable, sparkling. Words can’t describe
    the incredible lightness and feelings I encountered.

    I didn’t want to go back to the body in the bed. I thought, why go
    back?  It’s so nice here.  I have accomplished so much in my life,
    why go back to that cold place, in the other bed?

    I felt my husband of  many years in the chair next to my bed.
    Clearly in anguish, frightened that I would leave him, but I knew I
    would go back to finish the life we shared together. Was I in for a
    surprise!  Just as I was thinking that I wanted to stay and explore that
    other bed, in that other hospital setting, in that nice bright and calm

    I was awakened by harsh slaps on my face and screaming…breathe,
    are   you awake!!!? I didn’t want to wake, but shocked, I answered,
    and started breathing again.

    So, you may ask, was that the epiphany? Then what happened??? The
    nurses who took care of me in emergency room later told me that
    85% of the patients who come in with my problem don’t survive. So I
    was very  blessed to survive. Or was I?

    As I’m learning, changes that are not always easy to process or
    accept.  I’m still  remembering each day, more and more of the
    lessons that I absorbed  in the minutes of my experience, which
    seemed like hours,  but came as if in a flash.  Time stood still.

    All there was to my existence was the moment.  That is the moment,
    when time stands still, we can  hear our soul speaking to us. In the
    moment, that’s when  we have a chance to pull on our inner strength,
    and find  our soul’s path.. First to change was me.
    I wasn’t the same person as before.  

    My loving husband of  many years could not accept that change in me.
    He was afraid of  this new strong vibration of LOVE, and left me
    within days. He was afraid. I scared him and was not the same mirror
    he knew, and he went into fear.  My three adult  children felt the
    same and continued to attach to fear. They left me too. At that
    moment, every foundation  I knew in my life crumbled.

    Who was I now? A wife, a mother, a businesswoman? I was lost, yet
    so full of the love of the universe, and no one to give it to. I felt so
    alone, so abandoned and betrayed. Instead of anger and blaming, I
    turned inward to myself for support.

    This action provided all the answers I have found.  And I found my
    joy and empowerment.  I can help you find your joy too.  And your
    power. I healed spontaneously from this love.

    I felt more love than ever had before. From me. From the  universe.
    And I feel this love flow through me more and  more each day.
    I learned this is the light of true higher consciousness.

    We think sometimes that we are alone. We are NEVER alone, I want
    to tell people that. We are immortal. I found the answers. In this
    time of transformation.

    I want to share all I have learned with you. That's why I do what I do,
    offering support, enlightenment and empowering energy.
    To illuminate your life as I have done in mine…..

    By sharing my story, and ultimately, my life transformation, I hope
    you can identify and find peace too within turmoil that is called
    transformation.  That’s why I’m sharing.I’ve learned and am still
    learning from others.  We are all teachers. We are all students.

    My journey has not been easy. There is indescribable pain in losing
    attachments; emotional, relationships, home, or money. I discovered
    the universe is infinitely abundant when we let go and trust. Love
    attracts love and we can be a magnet for so much when we

    Inner strength is what we can draw on. That’s how we begin.
    And then we find our joy, and through knowing our joy,
    we can  touch our soul’s path.  We can discover who we are and why
    we chose to be  on this earth at this time, and what we came to do.

    What I’ve learned is that change come into our lives whether we
    welcome it or not, whether we are prepared or not. I can help you
    make sense of this and use change as the opportunity to  transform
    your life. In light.

    A personal note to everyone who is reading ....
    I can help with changes in your life.  Whether you have had a  NDE
    near death experience, or trauma of any kind,  transformation is
    what's happening !  Change is not easy, and we can become fearful
    and anxious of what is coming.

    Experiences that cause change in our lives also dissolve crystallized
    beliefs,  thoughts and emotional energies that have cemented
    together for years.  Using the strong power and energy that comes
    from manifestation, you can realize your goals and what you want to
    create in abundance and joy.

    I am always creating opportunities to teach, publish and author in
    partnership with  my guides, teachers and helpers. I am grateful to
    use intuition and empowerment with each and every experience.  How
    to manifest and be empowered is a lifelong challenge in this confusing
    physical world. I can help put things in perspective for you.
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