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MORE DISASTERS AND Epidemics for years from Earth Changes.. and then Peace 

Here’s a feeling I had as I watched  recent devastation  …We are going to have more of these disasters. Many more storms, and earthquakes. Fires.  Winds. Flooding. The earth is quickening. Changes will come daily, weekly, many , so many we won’t believe how fast. This is all part of the quickening energy and vibration. Places in conflict will be cleansed, and places that are cleansed will rise from the bottom of the ocean and stream beds.  My strong sense tells me the best way to cope is to be prepared.  And to let go into the true universal energy. While an earthquake causes devastation on the largest scale imaginable, there are ways even for this disaster that you can prepare.

Have a safe place picked out. It may be in  a different country, or just down the road. Something you can get to quickly and safely. Stock it with fresh water, bottled water, food to last a month, gasoline, even if it is in a 5 gallon container, and of course blankets clothing and first aid supplies. And a generator. Check all electrical appliances, and make sure you have plenty of fresh batteries. Stock a battery operated radio. Simple things that make the difference between death and survival. Carry a first aid kit in your car along with fresh water  a blanket, and a shovel. Be prepared at all times for emergencies.

Many people in the world are desperate for fresh water and food, and cannot use their cars or generators because they have no gas. Send your loving thoughts to them,and learn from their tragedy. Riots will be everywhere, from floods, earthquakes or poverty and anger.  Prepare. Loving thoughts to all, Judith


Hello Judi, Thanks so much for this wonderful reading and beautiful connection !I have no words to express how empowering this conversation was for me, it gave me a lot of energy, hope and enthusiasm 🌼🌻😄  I know I still need a little time to process all of this, get past the required momentum, and then will get into action, create and undertake many inspiring new projects 🧡🧡

Thanks a lot for this thoughtful email follow up as well, I keep reading it again and again, as it resonates with the future chapter of my life. Many thanks also for the reference of your partner, I will definitely refer his contacts to my friends in France!Cheers and warm regards,Christine


Old foundations in your life will be pulled apart and challenged

In  the reality of our true vibration, what we are creating is a new planet. The world as we know will speed up as vibrations  change quickly becoming lighter and lighter progressing out of density. As we progress further and further into a reality of our powerful selves as creators, there will be less and less of the older, denser vibrations, thoughts and ideas to hold onto. We are becoming natural healers. Simply and easily manifesting our desires, bringing unconditional love to everyone we come in contact with,simply by projecting our intentions.

Be ready for stronger Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Wild Weather.  There will be attempted assassinations around the world along with the rising of groups and cults. Permeating vibrations will carry with them deeply  penetrating Spiritual Renaissance.  Everything is aligning with our Spiritual evolutionary process. All  Is perfect, right where it needs to be for this phase of our infinite expansion.  Strap on your seat belts, it’s going to be a rocky ride, challenging and rewarding for  those who discern what’s real and what is illusion. Always let your heart, the real brain, decide what stays and what goes. Trust the direction that your heart takes. Answers are instant!

JUDI IN HER STUDIO Puerto Vallarta Mexico

A client reclaims her power.

Hi Judi,  How have you been?  I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately and want to report back regarding where my life is at right now.  I also took a moment to reread your last email below where I have confirmations about the shift that has occurred. 

My life has done an about turn since we started speaking.  The words that resonated the most with me during our talks were from our initial talk…Take back your power!!!  And I HAVE!!!  I believe that our paths crossed for a reason.  Chance was not a part of it. I want to thank you immensely for being a guiding light for me and coaching me when I was not able to see the light any more!  Thank you so much Judi!!!

The lawsuit is being settled as we speak.  It has been in the works for a few weeks, just waiting for the paperwork to come through before transfer of funds occur.  I was persistent and insistent with my lawyer to end this circus.  I need this behind me as I have too much living to do and need to live in positive energy. 

When I told my mother that I was done with this negativity and was ready to pay even though I don’t want to pay a bully with bad intentions and fabricated claims…it’s time to let go.  I told my mother that it no longer mattered and that I would pay out the settlement as the money would come back to me many times over!  All I needed to do was trust and move on.  She told me that I was being overly optimistic.  I replied with a determined “no I am not ..  I know this to be true!!!”  

One week later I was offered a very lucrative contract that I am signing on Monday as I go back to being my own boss again.  That was really important for me and makes me vibrate and passionate again.  I am just not being true to me with current work situation.  I am grateful for the opportunity that came my way.  It was great to keep my mind going and keep me focused on what mattered to me.  Now I need to be me again!

I no longer live in worry but rather in hope!  I’m looking to go back to Florida in early next year.  As for my future partner, he’s out there and will show up in my life when we are both ready.  I’ve started working on my creative projects again, knitting with newfound passion and skill and jewelry making that I soo love!  These keep my creative juices flowing.  I’ve decided that this Christmas following a tough year for all of us was a great time for me to give presents that come from the heart. THANK YOU JUDI!!

Shifting to a new way of being at age 29:  FROM MY MAILBOX,

“Hello Judi! I want to say thank you very much for meeting me the other day! It was really quite healing hearing all those positive things and reinforcing everything that my spirit guides shout to me every day (as I encourage and pray for them to do more and more each day haha – and also as I try to BELIEVE what comes to me so naturally and effortlessly). My right arm I was having difficulty with began to heal almost immediately after leaving your house as I walked to the bus stop and began assimilating the energy.

What I have done since we last met is I handed in my 2 weeks notice at the job I considered to no longer be aligned with me energetically. I still struggle when it comes to having a more positive self image and being kind with myself, having some problems shifting to the new way of being. What I really loved about our interactions is that you seem to come from a very empowered place and I just can’t wait to get back into that space again because it’s been a hell of a downward spiral since trying to ascend or assimilate that into my frequency completely. Again, thank you so much for the confirmations and the beautiful energy! Love Sh** “

Dear Sh** It was a pleasure for me! To reflect in your beautiful light is what life is about. As far as working on your empowerment, WOW! So many I meet tell me they will change, and yes they want to have a different life, but never put the action in. You’ve made so many changes just in the last week, pat yourself on the back. That’s what it takes, just to be brave, make that call, quit that job, just know that whatever you do is perfect.

How to stay balanced? Be stronger in your own fantastic energy. Keep doing outrageous things, brave actions, bold in your desires and intentions. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal for something better. It’s the stage upon which the ego plays out its Karma, refining all the while. Be grateful for the journey. Gratitude is the attitude that will manifest everything.

Love you, Judi https://truelifepathinstitute.weebly.com/


Adventures in Mediumship

As I sat waiting for my next client to arrive, I felt such overwhelming love. Then I heard in my inner ear a voice, strong and clear. “Give her this gift, and tell her it from us. From her mother and my sisters.” My client told me her birthday was the next day, so I decided to wrap a little something for her. Then the message from beyond….“.tell her this is from her mother.”

 I greeted my client and asked if her mother was in spirit. She told me yes, and her aunt too, that she felt her mother’s presence on the way to the appointment with me. As she affirmed this a huge wash of energy..A feeling of tingling prickles..so strong a wash of energy that we knew at that moment mother was here. Love, love, love. That’s what it feels like. Overwhelming and powerful,raising both our energies for the session and through the day, powering her dreams. Many messages were conveyed in that session,important to her, confirming her value in this life, giving her a direction and reminding her that there are no wrong decisions.

Thank you mother and thank you P. I am pleased to share this with everyone who wonders what a psychic mediumship session is.  For more in this series:  https://www.facebook.com/TrueLifePathInstitute/

“Dear Judi, Such important info,which is very correct. I will process all of this in the days to come. Thank you so much for your insight and kindness. It is much appreciated. I will let you know how things unfold. Many thanks” Love, P.


In the density of our human experience sometimes we feel overwhelmed, yet the audience you’ve created is already in existence. They are waiting for you…in potential form.  Everything already exists in potential form. 

We as spirit come into this world with infinite abundance. This is our birthright. A butterfly does not worry if it is good or not. Nor does it ask other butterflies their opinion. It’s simply  a creation of spirit, manifesting in the physical world for the adventure of being a butterfly. No more, no less. Its perfection is your perfection too. One and the same.  We are all here just for the experience. We come to dive into the illusion of fear, using our ego to play in the emotional world, thinking our thoughts and watching it all manifest. Practice being the watcher of your life first, grateful for the opportunity to use your voice, just as I am to you in this note. Love to you!


Dear Judi, “When you meditate, do you hear your heart beating loudly inside you? I do. It is so loud sometimes that my ears vibrate. And this is when I am very calm (It is louder tenfold when I’m anxious) I realized that perhaps others don’t hear this or feel this. I asked a friend and she said no she doesn’t hear or feel her heartbeat when meditating.

When I quiet my mind to focus on my breath I actually never usually focus on the breath b/c my heart beat is so loud I focus on that instead. Occasionally it makes my earlobes feel like they are vibrating. There is a sense of vibration and movement that is very strong, and a loud inner noise of the actual beating. Do you have this too?

I would like to deepen my heart-based meditations and take them to the next level – can you help teach me how?”

DEAR ONE, What you feel is your heart expanding into universal consciousness. Our heart is our true brain!

You’re also describing an excellent way to determine for you how anxiety causes the heart and all of our body’s systems to be under pressure. Recognize this tenfold reaction so you can know your own self, letting go of anxiety and tuning instead into your slower reliable heartbeat of peace.

The heart in our body is always tuned into the universal heart of higher consciousness. This heart is still and silent.

Meditation when combined with the reassuring sound vibrations of your heartbeat is uplifting,💖💝💖💖 allowing the heart to expand into the universal field of awareness. Similar to mantras. It’s perfect for you to do this as you are already.  Each meditates in their own way….without judgement or comparisons. Trust! Love you, Judi

ABOUT JUDI FONER: I provide a gateway to each and everyone who desires to explore their higher consciousness. You can contact me by email for an appointment in person, on the phone or online.


Being in the action of loving…opens the heart, connects us to the universe and perpetuates health and happiness. Choosing to be active in love is our ONLY true reality. You’ll know you’re in the energy because it’s peaceful.

Our heart is the brain in our body that connects us with universal truth and energy. What does this feel like? You all know it…love. Let go of thoughts and emotions that diminish this feeling. The recent blue moon has amplified fifth dimensional love energy. It’s strong.

Every night when we sleep and when we meditate and pray guides,helpers and angels provide all the guidance we need in warm waves of understanding. They are on your shoulder…just feel them. Light, glowing….We all have them. Choose love….live in joy and happiness of this moment. That’s all there is💝💝💝


Dear Judi….“Life is supposed to be extremely special. That’s why we work so hard at overcoming and living in alignment with life and loving it and learning and growing and evolving our human selves.”

But then why would someone have  ended  their life so early for example at 20, from an overdose? That is what feels weird and I’m unable to reconcile it.

The other day I had this thought, what if heaven is supposed to be a reward. You do the best you can while you are alive then you get this reward.  back and apply that to my nephew  who died at 20, and it still doesn’t make sense. I know events in life are  not supposed to be about “making sense.” 

Meanwhile, my heart is always soothed whenever I think of him and talk to him in my mind. Even if he doesn’t respond right now. I tell him how much I love him all the time and I know he hears me. ”  Thank you for answering my questions 🙂

Judi writes..

Dear One,  In our human form with our human minds, we cannot make sense of the seemingly random, and sometimes unfair events that happen.

All of the decisions about our lives and life path are reconciled in our “higher self” energy well beyond our physical forms. Each of us is connected to the expanded form of consciousness and can tap in and recognize what it feels like. Often described as peaceful, bliss, nature, or dreams..this is when we connect with our true selves.

I feel your pain, and on the physical emotional levels of vibration, it feels very real. Yet where your nephew resides outside of the body in his expanded state, pain does not exist.

Your heart is soothed because this is his and your true vibration. When you connect with that energy…you are home. Enjoy your movie and play in the body..what we call our lives, and know that this is but one dense dynamic of your unlimited form of universal consciousness that is the true you.. Love you, Judi

 DREAMS…Connecting with our Guides, Angels, and Loved ones..

Did you know that in your sleep, you have memory of everyone you have ever met in your dreams, though you may or may not have met some of these people in your daytime existence? In sleep and dreams you are involved in the SAME dimension of existence in which you will have your after-death experiences.

A portion of our consciousness is aware of each and every dream encounter and experience. ..Your waking physical self is the dreamer. As far as the dreaming self is concerned: YOU are the dreamer it sends on its way. Your daily experiences are the dreams that it dreams. So when you look at your dreaming self or consider it, you do so with a highly prejudiced eye…taking it for granted that your “reality” is real, and the dream is illusion.

However, the dream state is far more “real” than anything that’s happening in our physical state. We have just trained ourselves to believe that nothing is real expect our current physical life, and that dreams cannot be translated into anything coherent when we wake, simply because they occur outside of the body.

But within this framework of physical life, we are also meant to grow and develop, and extend the limits of our consciousness.

I am a Medium and Psychic. In a session with me you can contact guides and loved ones. I have designed workshops to teach this those who desire to expand their limits of consciousness. It’s remarkably effective . Together we enter into that space of your dreams where a portion of your consciousness is always aware . Contact me to arrange an appointment in person, on the phone or Online

  LOVE:  Here’s a poem that a client sent to me.

The depth of channeled energy came from her soul, outside of time and identity. It provided a mirror for me. A big popping flash of love to remind me of who I am. I hope it does the same for you. Love you! Judi


If there is One Word 
that could describe,
All Good
in a Thousand forms.
One song,
that can, be felt
before its even, been heard..

One reunion
of old & long forgotten 
that’s stood the test’s of eternity ~
With only One thing
that just,
could not die…

Hammered, Battered & Scared
Yet still survived
Thru time’s endless minutes…
~ though all at ones,
still felt so
long, slow & timely… 
With sure affects ~
Unconditional Love 
That’s what brought us 
to where we are now..
That flame, 
that just refused to die,, 
Your Compass, Your Strength, Your Hope….
~ Our Hope 
Believe ~ Feel ~ Know ~

This is the work of the Light & Love, channeled
Through me,
Written by Cecilia.Kruger Pax Et Bonum
For more: http://truelifepathinstitute.org/


Change...it’s frightening isn’t it. We think we are in control, and then….something happens to remind us that we MUST let go. So many people ask me…HOW TO LET GO.  First let’s address what we want to let go of.. So simple. The answer is Attachments.

Attachments can be thoughts, items or even emotions. Relationships are a big problem area for some, as is MONEY.  How can we ” let go”of  things (attachments) when we tell ourselves we may live or die if we don’t have them?

Well my dears, Attachments cause pain. In the solar plexus area of energy and create dis-ease every in the body….IF we believe that the Attachments are real. When we invest emotional energies into winning or losing these imaginary attachments. When we give our power to live or die to them.

What do I mean by real? I explain by illustrating that we are not born with a house or car or money attached to us in the birth canal. We do not take these things with us when we die. So, are they real?

In the reality of our physical life and the illusory nature of our 3 D world, YES. But only for us to play with. They are not real in the reality of our eternal soul, or even our astral body we use in the dream world….so why make these attachments so important without realizing that the attachments are not real at all? Why do we attach so much emotional angst to an already imaginary reality? It’s our nature as humans.

We tend to believe that we will lose these things if we let go.  When we make attachments our ONLY reality and think that  we may “lose them” or have a threat to lose them, then we are in pain. We all feel it.

That’s what we come in to the physical form to do. To play with these attachments. To be in the dense emotional vibrations of fear and loss.  But for your own well being and peace, let go and know that you are the creator and all is available in potential form  Connect with me to help sort out your life. Chaos and Change are great opportunities to create and align with your true life path.  Love to you, Judi


 That’s what the core of expanding awareness is all about. The fifth dimension is here.Beyond the dreams, beyond the physical…the fifth dimension is UNIVERSAL ENERGY..

First we become the channel by trusting and loving ourselves. Then we begin to process all through the heart energies. As we expand into THE HEART reality, all negativity and doubt drop away, leaving us strong and radiant resonating with the true essence of the universe AND touching all with the waves of love…. Being our true selves.

By following a true path , with a desire to teach people how to love, it is my profound pleasure to show everyone how to bring into their lives what they want, and HOW to do this. Come join in the journey, I guarantee life will never be the same. With love joy and intent, everything is possible. ” — judith foner



The ego is not separate from you. It is your costume, or ..(let’s say) your painting… ever changing and expanding as you expand in your aspect of consciousness that powers the ego form.

When we come into physical form from the 4th dimension (astral plane), we don an outfit, our physical form and ego that contains mind and emotions.

How else would we be able to function? Our ego form is powered by just an aspect of our total consciousness. We leave the ego form each night when we sleep and expand out of it during meditation. So, it’s very useful for interactions in the 3D world.

The ego and physical form are determined before birth and enters with certain requirements such as nationality, astrological birth influences, generational energies, karmic ties, and physical attributes. All of these are incorporated in your life path . It’s a very intricate tapestry of warp and wefts energetically.

Expanded awareness only means is that we accept all that we are without duality. Any idea that we are separate from any experience encountered or happening to us is duality. We are the creator of our movie, and the director and actors and producer. How does that take form in the physical world?

Start practicing being the watcher. Let the wonderful ego have the experience, but  do not identify with the “ego” form of the small i. At the same time be the watcher knowing you are ALL.. Love to you, Judi

Contact me to learn more about Intuition, Clairvoyance and Mediumship. jfoner@gmail.com

Dear ones, Remember what it was like when you were a child?Innocently dreaming with the full knowledge that you could be anything…anything that you desired? Well, that’s the truth! We come to manifest anything, and everything. Why do we forget the carefree feelings of childhood? Why, we begin to believe the illusions. Fear, greed, money, lack of abundance….did we come with these attached to us through the birth canal? Was a house, or car, or money birthed with us at the moment we entered the physical world? Of course not! So why do we think that these items are any more real than our dreams? They are not!

But if we identify with them… if we think they are the life and death of us, and worst, if we think we ARE..money, etc…then we are caught up in the lower energies of mind/emotion ILLUSION.  This is an endless trap causing much pain. Why? Because we become attached to the items. Emotionally attached. Attached through our thoughts. Pain. Attachments create pleasure and Pain….as we become identified.

Most of my lessons and teaching  center around showing and encouraging people to see through their illusions. To let go of the concepts, and to be the watcher of our experiences allows us to let go into the higher self.

The higher self is our partner and creator of all our adventures. It’s the one we connect with when we meditate and when we are asleep.  We are not separate from our higher self. It’s an expanded state of consciousness and what we really are. When we identify ONLY with the physical state of being, ONLY with our one lifetime experience….we forget we are entering the world of illusion.  Remember your true self..the child who knew anything was possible,with lightness of being.

One of my beautiful students (age 22) told me this; “From the moment I could remember  as a child, I didn’t know why I came into this confusing world , and I figured if it didn’t make sense, then I could create anything I wanted, and become anything I wanted to be, and do anything I wanted to do!”  So Eloquent …Be brave, and live your dreams. 


We are all in the midst of a galactic shift. Our DNA is awakening to the call of the universe. Energy is swirling around us and we energyARE the energy. We are discovering that the brain expands ONLY through the heart.

Our heart is the electromagnetic connector each of has to our larger consciousness. We feel the heart pulsing and generating heat within our chest as we expand beyond the mind and emotions. Our hands become warm and we feel lighter, more peaceful.

All of this “letting go” is natural. This is our natural state of being in vibrational form. Why then are we following the mind? Why do we follow the emotions, and let the two take us in endless circles of confusion?To feel your truth and to go beyond your beliefs sometimes requires validation and guidance from the highest source.You can access this source through meditation, joy, nature and through others who vibrate in an expanded awareness.Follow your heart as No. 1. The answers are instant.. This is the way to shift. We offer private sessions  in Awakening Consciousness . Meet your guides and angels   http://truelifepathinstitute.org/      jfoner@gmail.com


energy 88Our friend Alexandre joined us recently for a meditation. What love radiated from him. The vibration we shared took us to the center of our core. Light, love, universal energies, we are all starseeds. When we come together in love, it’s easy to remember and feel our deep connection with each other and planetary bodies. The universe is infinite. So are we in energy. The universe is eternal, and so are we in the soul and vibration of essence that is truly who we are. Thank you Alexandre for reminding us. Awe-inspiring.“Love you..thank you for being YOU!” Alexandre


colors of universal energyMEDIUMSHIP is a natural gift that we all have. I meet many who tell me that having spirits come to them is very frightening. Why is this? Here’s an understanding that was channelled to me; We carry and refer to infinite lifetimes in our energy of the physical form. Much of this is happening not far from our physical world in a dimension called the fourth dimension. It is also referred to as the Astral plane.  Lifetimes are not happening in the past, present or future. ALL happen in the NOW of this present moment.

Our life paths are determined by our higher self well before we are born, and by this karma our ego is constantly being formed and reformed, cleansing and changing as we explore emotional and intellectual challenges. These tests influence our lifetimes..Yes! We can change the “past” and the “future”! Just by changing what we are doing in the NOW! Amazing..Energy is who we are and every change we make changes energy and vibration in all of our dimensional existences. energy blue

So why are we afraid of spirit, or ghosts, and sometimes other energies we perceive?

Many of us bring into this lifetime fears, religious beliefs, and trauma….so that we can let go of the fear. Cleansing and purifying by our experiences, what we call challenges. These challenges keep us rooted in the ego form belief, and we sometimes forget that this physical “reality” is not all there is.

When we feel the vibrations from our spirit guides, see our Angels, and perceive other forms of energy, this sometimes provides us with the shiver of fear that signals a necessity to let go. Of what? ATTACHMENTS.  Attachments can be described as the illusions that we feel are necessary to our life.  These include money, residences, cars, thoughts, emotions, fears, beliefs, concepts and so much more. All of these are illusory in the transient nature of dynamic energy.

We come into the physical form to GO THROUGH fear. We choose to experience yet again the illusion of fear and the reality of letting go of fear. Lifetime after lifetime into infinity…… This is the game.  The game of life in the physical form. This is the grand illusion and the reason we choose to manifest in the 3D earth form. But first we choose to lose ourselves in the fear, just to remember that fear is not real. What a trip! Our guides and helpers are always with us to raise our awareness.  To let us remember that ALL is available now in potential form We are always in abundance! We only have to let go and rise out of our mind and emotions to feel this as truth. Love to all, Judi


energy worlds


LETTING GO ..How does this manifest into bliss? Here’s my experience.

Yesterday Jeff and I conducted a workshop in Beyond Reiki: Quantum Energy Healing. During the first meditation and breathing exercise, I felt light headed..sort of like I was dozing off to sleep, but then I realized that my body was in the chair, but I was not. Where was my intention and consciousness? Outside of my body ..and then I felt the bliss. Pure bliss so strong that love is a very weak word to describe the pure power of this feeling.

As I let go more and more of thoughts and heaviness of emotion….bliss and peace expanded and exploded until it was palpable in the room. It lifted everyone….and felt like we were at the top of the highest mountain breathless, filled with awe, gazing at the stars as one. This is our true nature. Outside of the physical illusions of body and time. Expanded. Amazing!!!! Grateful. Love to all, Judi


 Mediumship is our birthright. We are spirit inhabiting a human form for an adventure! A blink of an eye, a ten minute adventure, that’s what lifetimes feel like from the vantage point of the higher self. Smile more, worry less. For heaven’s sake, don’t take it all so seriously!


The economy,  more difficult than originally predicted. Social structures are breaking down. Much of the economic downturn has been suppressed by the media, and so many are without money or jobs. So many more cannot find food to eat,even though grocery stores are throwing away food, rather than reduce the prices.

soul energyPolice brutality and earth changes are converging to create public demonstrations which will emerge in National police forces and Martial law. Fear is abounding and amidst all of this is the potential for war and riots within the borders of the U.S. With the severe weather, wildfires, earthquakes, and other devastation, there will be flooding , more than ever before.

All services, emergency, charitable, are stressed to the max.  This will continue as long as the wars are fought outside of the borders of the U.S. The big U. S. government is funding terror instead of funding food for its citizens. There will be widespread shortages of food, as the supply chains are disrupted by the weather and food shortages, caused by  flooding, fallout, and gas prices. Food prices are continuing to skyrocket.

The price increases are covert, just the same price for half the amount. But this will soon become evident to the masses.  Have cash on hand, in case the banks close for a short while, store food that will not perish, and can be readily reconstituted. Search out a safe place away from major cities,  so that if riots commence, you’ll be out of the direct line of marauders.  Look toward the Middle East to project what might happen in this country, North America.


Of course we are eternal beings..and the new energy of this transitional time will help to ease the fears.  We as a collective are feeling the shifts, and are beginning to remember that time is in the now. Past,present, future exist in the present moment. The change that is manifesting is the group desire for peace.

To be able to live the truth of our true selves in gratitude, love and caring for all beings, including earth herself. We know that physically, we cannot survive forever. The body eventually wears out. The soul is eternal and the soul is what chooses to radiate in the strong and stronger vibrations of the now, changing all awareness as the very galaxy is repositioned and rebirthed as a galactic consciousness.

We are Galactic consciousness,  impervious to all the illusions of this transition.

colorOur brothers and sisters from the galaxies and universes upon universes are manifesting . Portals are opening and miracles are happening. Evidence is flooding into our consciousness from the fourth dimension and into our third dimensional awareness. All are seeing with their eyes and hearts the visits from spaceships. Peace is coming…and we are it. Welcome home. 

Please be safe, for your physical form, my guides are saying. There is much work to do for all of us in this transitional time. Of course the surest way to be calm is to look inside, help others, and always remember that we chose to be born into this historic energy. We asked to help in the transition, and have peace within that thought.


This is about finances, house prices and general discontent. Its going to be a long drawn out affair most definitely in the financial arena. There will be debt defaults from all the major countries that received bailouts. The European Union is dissolving with discontent.  Watch for this. How does this affect us?There will be more riots and food shortages not just in North America, but around the world. 

Trust your inner guidance to find a safe place. Pick a place that feels  good, and has many people around who grow food,or have the goods and services that make a community.

Look for a self sufficient location, because services may break down, or not be available full time. Everyone, Please prepare. Live for the moment and enjoy every one of them. That’s the way to help others, as you radiate peace and joy, everything surrounding you reflects this….intention of love.


Wars, earth changes, social changes, my sense is that changes are converging right now. While technology will continue to astound us in the near future, so will devastation and changes of the earth.

We are going to have many more earthquakes in the short term and much flooding of the U.S. and virtually everywhere. mandala1

This is the commencement of the age of Water. Flooding will also occur as an aftermath of earthquake action. Continually I get the strong message to urge people to find safe places. Free from the threat of flooding, away from fault lines (careful anyone who lives near the New Madrid Fault), and move to a safer environment.

With the lineup of all planets approaching , the earth’s axis is under pressure from magnetic forces as well as internal tectonic forces. Much change is coming to our planet in the next few weeks, months and years. For the ones who want to survive this transition in the physical form, and triumph in the new energies to lead others,  be sure to take the time and concentration to listen to their inner guidance. Energy and vibration that is respectful and grateful towards all living things is what to feel. You will be drawn to these places as it nurtures our collective energies like food for the physical body. 

While these events are difficult to endure in the short term, they also pave the way for a new way of life for all humans. It is an exciting time to live on earth, and each one here right now has chosen this time to participate, experience and uplift humanity. Time to pull on our inner core of strength.

earth from space


We are going to have more of these disasters. Many more storms, and earthquakes. Fires.  Winds. Flooding. The earth is quickening. These disasters will come daily, weekly, many , so many we won’t believe how fast. My strong sense tells me the best way to cope is to be prepared. While an earthquake causes devastation on the largest scale imaginable, there are ways even for this disaster that you can prepare.

The way to prepare is to be in the right energies. Find your place based on the vibration. You’ll know, as it will feel right. It will also have other like feeling people around it. Trust your feelings, check with your heart-brain, and know that you are not alone…many spirits and guides and teachers are always with you giving divine help.  Many people in the world are desperate for fresh water and food, and cannot use their cars or generators because they have no gas. Send your loving thoughts to them,and learn from their tragedy and perseverance. Prepare. Loving thoughts to all, Judith

people ecstatic on beach at sunset

I’m heading to San Francisco for the month of April and May. I’ll be conducting several workshops in and around the Downtown. If anyone is in the area, please connect with me.  I’m available for readings, past life regressions and socializing!  Here’s my contact info truelifepathinstitute.weebly.com  Love to you all!


“Thank you for your advice and encouragement. My heart has felt very big since our session. It’s taking all my attention. As if it just opened and is exploding. Wow : )   Okay, have a great rest in the dream world tonight! ” Love,  Victoria

heart 1

“I agree with your advice and I have already made changes and taking steps to implement others soon… love myself and own my life instead of living as a hostage blaming others in guilt.  Thank you for your insight.    Blessings with Love and Light,  J”

soul energy
When we meditate, many see this image of themselves. The indigo is energy and vibration of the third eye, and the sphere in the center, why that’s us! represented as energy…We are not solid, only vibration of infinite color and dimensions.


We are energy pure and simple! I meet many, many people and each one asks me the same question. “How can I let go to be more..”me”? The real me, the one that lives from the  heart?”

 Countless sessions later, the answer is always the same, trust that letting go is the way. Letting go of holding on..to attachments. Attachments are what cause us pain, and block our natural course of attraction. This can be material attachments,.. a house, or car, or the big one, money, or emotional attachments, such as a relationship or feeling guilty about something we thought we did,  or are responsible for.  Thoughts are attachments!

When we forgive ourselves, and let go of these things that don’t feel good, Or decide we don’t need them, then we are free. Free to attract, and free of much “dis-ease”. If we only knew how wonderful we Truly ARE…..But who appreciates themselves the way we appreciate others? It’s time to start loving ourselves, and letting go. We deserve only the best, don’t we?

joel's inkblot 2


A friend sent me this inkblot, but he didn’t draw the eyes. The eyes appeared only AFTER he made the blot…..We have friends in other dimensions that are ready to visit…

Feel like everything is speeding up?

It is…the energy of the planet and the energy of the solar system are vibrating faster and faster. So many are coming to me and asking what they can do to just hold on. My answer is to LET GO! Just as we are evolving so is the whole universe. We are evolving together. Part of the evolution is understanding that we are dynamic and exist in a dynamic framework of energy. We are not physical, and the attachments that are so near and dear to us..jobs, houses, cars, money…even relationships, these are not real in the universal context of consciousness .  We created these situations and energies to help us grow, and to help us let go. How else can we be light bodies?  The one thing that is required for this shift to happen within you, is to TRUST. Trust in your path, trust that the universe and you are ONE, and we exist in the perfection of the divine plan.  When we trust that…everything flows effortlessly in the vibration of true love.  So LET GO, and let love in….

 star energyDEAR JUDI  You are amazing! It is hard to find the words to tell you just how much you mean to me. You have assisted me, encouraged me, never let me waiver from the miracle of being. Months ago you reached out by email to me after reading about my spiritual awakening/near death cleansing and you intuitively felt what I had gone through, and correctly pointed out what my life path had been, you have given of your time, and got me back on track when I had doubts of my gift. You helped clear my confusions about what this gift I was given is really all about, at first I was so caught up about the spirits and loved ones I was feeling and seeing that without you I could of missed the bigger pictureIntuitive healing of others is where I am focused now, and continue with you on my path of discovery. Can’t wait to see you this month!  This time perhaps I can share some of my intuitive abilities with you and others . Buckets of thanks and love your way Judi. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! Love Chrissy

 3789948604_b97f0df721A STORY OF BELIEF in yourself AND A MESSAGE FOR ALL

Dear Ones, Often I open my email and receive love letters such as this. I wanted to share with you a beautiful sentiment and realization of the unlimited choices we have in our life, and that we can choose to manifest any of them. Love, of course is what helps the whole program vibrate, heals our bodies,and gives us the strength to believe. Not love of another, but the true love of being powerful in the universal context..So enjoy because the message is truly for everyone who wants joy!

“Hi Judith,

Thank you for your email. I have been thinking about you and your wonderful messages and everything that you said is so true. Judith, you are an angel. I have sold my condo and am building a home  to be near my children and grandchildren.  I have met a man and wow the sparks are flying.

Not sure what the future will bring as I am moving but we are living in the present moment. I have applied for several jobs  and have already received one interview. And I am completing two courses for my photography next week. Life is such fun…. What a ride!

Creating out of chaos is such fun. There are so many opportunities an options open to me.  And I see myself setting up a studio in my new home and creating art.  I’ve learned to KNOW if it is a great idea then it is  for me..and everything will be easy. Enjoying my life in all it’s confusion and changes and yet everything seems to be falling into place once I made the decision to move . But then my man is here and we will spend some time together. Take care my friend,  Lots of love and hugs, **XX :)”

Dear Ones,

Looking for Enlightened Friends? Join our classes, workshops and groups.

I was stopped twice yesterday and thanked for my support in different instances. One person told how important my presence was to her in her time of challenge. Another thanked me for being there for her.  Just follow the link to arrange for your private session.   I was just listening and supporting with words of “you are strong, you can do this”. And yet another told me that they were going down the list of gratitude in their life, and my name came up! In all these instances, I really had no idea my presence or impact on the others. I simply…was…..present.  And in that they found support. And I received support.  How do we find support for ourselves? By giving it, of course!   I discovered yet again how powerful that is. By giving we receive. This is the law of the universe. We attract the very energy that we send out.

By giving, and sending love and support and strength, we attract the same, only in a more powerful form of energy. I gave this support freely with my heart, only doing what I know is good, and desiring to help in the way that was asked of me.

Little did I know how much this meant to others. Do we ever know? I was lucky when these comments came to me, but I did not expect them, and was gratified that I could have that much impact on others. The world of energy is a miraculous place.! So my advice is…..Keep your vibration high, and your heart open!  Love, Judi


Fear is swirling around. It’s in the air, in the vibrations at work, in the thoughts and minds of all.Dense vibrations. Fear is just the letting go of separation. We are not separate from our larger selves. Higher consciousness, larger awareness, higher vibration,…however you hear the names, the idea is to know that we are not separate from our expanded selves.

Where do we exist in totality? In our spirit, of course. This is the same place we visit when we sleep…our larger awareness.

So when you feel the dense vibrations of fear…know that you are not THAT, and let them dissipate as you choose to expand into love. The love vibration is higher, and faster than fear. They cannot coexist at those moment when choosing to live and feel the love vibration. The mind can invite fear back, and the body will then be a hostage to the fear vibration. With letting go of the mind, the heart naturally opens and we feel at one with all. Peaceful, happy, joyful, optimistic. This is our natural state of being. As you willingly practice letting go of fear, love becomes the place where you feel most at home. More later, Love Judi


Well, the year is drawing to a close, and what a wild year it has been. Floods, hurricanes, snow…literally everything we know seemed to be turned upside down. Many ask me about the “shift”. Will we have a world as we know it after ???

The answer is…of course…The shift is simply a shift of consciousness.

What we are feeling is the internal pull of our own consciousness, and the whirlwind of emotional “letting go”. This process is going to continue well into the next decades and beyond.  Many of us have experienced losing attachments, things dear to us, and things that may not mean much, but are painful to lose, nonetheless. This is a necessary transformation, as we go from a denser energy into a lighter, and higher vibration. These “things” that we are attached to: houses, cars, money, even our relatives, or spouses, cause us pain because ..somehow we have become emotionally attached to the idea that these things are necessary in our lives for fulfillment. That they bring us joy, even though we know that we do not take them with us into our spiritual home, nor did we come into this world with them. Reminders of not being attached…are painful, simply because we ARE attached to these emotions.. When we release the emotions, we feel peace. This is the energy of the new year. Have a smooth ride into new transformative, lighter energies.


I have been getting messages and told to relay them to you, all of you. How to find a safe place in the midst of turmoil? First and foremost I have been advised to tell each and every one to look inside themselves. Feel the calm center of your mind, and heart. This is where calm reasoning can take place.  We cannot find solutions from a place of fear, or panic, or anxiety. How to find this center? For most, it is a matter of taking deep breaths, closing your eyes and letting go . Meditate with the desire to let go of fear, panic, disturbing and negative thoughts, and let the messages that are meant for you enter. Your mind, your heart. From this calm space, true insights come. Love to all, Judith

Widespread devastation that  will be triggered will come from the earth changes already underway.

Our oceans, the air we breathe and the fallout that rests on the soil that grows our food, all will be affected. More weather systems, severe, are in store for our planet as Mother nature rights the wrongs that have been done to her over the last 2000 years.

We are eternal beings of physical form temporarily.

Helping raise the energy by becoming one with the vibrations that are changing, helps with the resonance of each and every one of us and the earth and the universe. How do we emerge strong and cleansed? By living from the heart and resonating with love. Not Fear.

Please heed the warnings that have been channeled to you by my guides. If anyone has any questions, please email me, or post a comment… If you heed these warning now, life will be easier when and if difficulties come.

I’m repeating here,  and have been reporting this since 2012. Use your inner guidance to find a safe place.  Pick a place that feels  good, and has many people around who grow food,or have the goods and services that make a community. Look for a self sufficient location, because services may break down, or not be available full time. Everyone, Please prepare. Trust  yourself that you cannot make a mistake, and whatever and wherever you choose is meant for you.  More Later. Sending Love, strength, and healing to everyone. Judith


Hi Everyone, hope you are all GREAT! Live for the moment and enjoy every one of them. That’s great intent.

happy dancing beach The world is changing and shifting. Political systems are crumbling, internet is booming, and cell phones and virtual devices are the way of the future. Everything is speeding up , reaching the moment of NOW. There is really no past, present, or future….we are always in the NOW. Creating, morphing, dimensionally moving. In our sleep and when we are awake, more and more dimensions are opening for us. Animal.vegetable mineral, all have consciousness. Time to tune into the ONLY vibration that connects us to our eternal self. JOY. Don’t put your energy into fear, worry or control. Our true energy is joy…so put your attention there and have the “gratitude attitude”. Feel your heart open!!! We are all connected by light and love.Love and strength in these challenging times, Judith

 Much change is coming to our planet in the next few weeks, months and years. For the ones who want to survive this in physical form be sure to take the time and concentration to listen to their inner guidance. To prepare for the time of peace.

Swimmers in a Billabong