trip to Maritimes 8-2012 514 (480x640)Dear All,

Have you ever wondered how things could go more smoothly in your life? Or why things go wrong, and how to get things to go in the right direction? Why me?  Most of us don’t realize that every thought we think manifests. Every manifestation is what we desire…So of course, the first thing to do is check your thoughts, and decide if you intended to really create the circumstance that you did.

Maybe in the background of our mind, we really don’t believe that what we think will ever come about…that aw shucks… won’t really happen….kind of thought…But for every thought there is an equal manifestation or reaction. Today’s increased vibrational energy, virtually guarantees that our thoughts manifest much faster than ever before.

Have you ever thought about someone, and….there they are knocking at your door? Or the phone is ringing and there they are? This is just  a simple example of thoughts producing a reaction. Now if we adjust our intent and put the intent into our thoughts along with desire… what happens..

The big “secret” of manifestation or “the law of attraction” the buzzwords of today’s thought process is action. Not many how to people or books mention that. It is a vital ingredient in actually producing results. ACTION. When we think, intend, and act,.manifestation is sure to occur….

There are other secrets and tips,and these  are expanded in the other pages of this blog….. know that you can create anything you desire…just by using these few tips. I have done this all my life, and it WORKS. Happy dreaming everyone….Love and strength, Judith

3789948604_b97f0df721FINDING AND LIVING IN OUR JOY!  HOW TO DO IT….

Hi everyone, I just got in from dancing my little feet off! I’m so tired I can hardly stand, or walk. But Oh, it was 4 hours of pure JOY. Listening to the music, moving to the music, being part of the music. I admit, I did lose myself in those four hours of bliss.

And it reminded me, to send a note to all of you. It’s so important to find things to enjoy in our lives. There is so much change daily in the world, and seemingly negative. So much is going on right now both in our external world, and internally in ourselves. We are on the verge of awakening to a new consciousness. But this all doesn’t have to be a serious business.

We have the opportunity to capture in  our life what is important to us. Our friends, our family, our joy. Please take the time and focus to look at your life, and the things that bring you joy within it. Focus on those things, laugh, love, sing out loud. Life doesn’t have to be a serious series of dreading what the next day’s disaster will be.

Life is  what you make it. Joyful, happy, satisfying, even for a few moments..find this bliss in your own life. It is there, and now more than ever it’s time to live in that joyful place.

Live like today is your last day. And live as if today is your first day. Live in the moment and find joy in it. One joy, and moment at a time. Life should be fun. Find your joy , and while you’re being blissful, send  a smile my way.

Love, joy and strength to all. Judith


Dear everyone. Peace and love to all.  Yesterday I had some interesting experiences and thought I would share with everyone, because I think all can benefit from the insights.

I belong to several spiritually oriented groups. Meeting with very interesting people and many who have found answers in life, and many that are still searching.

One fellow was interesting in this context because when he was asked if he meditated, his answer was, of course, I’m meditating as I’m talking with you!

He then proceeded to tell me with a great deal of anxious energy how he has been searching for years for an answer to a message he repeatedly gets in his dreams. To die, to experience death, and then what, he asked, and has been asking for years.

This is his question, what does the message mean? He told me he first got this message after a particularly strong dose of Iawasca he had taken in Peru, and has been bothered and searching ever since.

As I listened to this troubled young man. I heard the same phrases over and over. He kept repeating…”I have decided that none of this bothers me” (which was not true, because that was all  he talked about), and “I have determined that this is not important in my life” (another untruth). But, because he had determined and decided, he was blocking any understanding for himself.

 I asked him if he understood that his reality, or anyone’s for that matter, is what we determine it to be? If he determined these things weren’t important, then they would not be in his reality.

I explained to him that the messages and determinations he had made are shaping his reality, and in order to change his life, and understand things more deeply, he must change the messages that shape his reality.

So to all of you, I send this message. Reality is what we think it is. To change our reality, we need to think about what we are really telling ourselves. When those thoughts are changed, the reality changes. For example, when we tell ourselves that we can never get a break in life., this oftentimes becomes a self-fulfilling reality.

Now , if we change that thought to: I will have any good thing that is for me, happen to me….then we have opened the pathway that was closed with the other determination.

It really is that simple to change our lives, and understand that we are the masters of it. It all starts with our conceptions…examine them, and change to match your own version of happiness, you creator,you! 😉

Love to all, Judith


6539214463_3c688dd9edIt’s been asked many times…how to find peace in these trying times. Wild weather, wars, unstable financial atmosphere…on and on. What to do? How to be happy?

Here’s some advice, and reminders  I use  for myself daily. BE THE CREATOR. I choose my adventures. When I feel down, I just start streaming love and gratitude. I send love to my plants, and my birds, I write love letters to anyone who is in my energy. That kind of intention in action brings us into the vibration of the heart. Powerfully.

I remind myself that uncomfortable emotions, and temporary situations…that  appear as blocks, really have gifts in them. The key is to recognize opportunities in all of this. And wow, aren’t we confronted with situations like this often?  When we focus on what things bring us joy, then we are not in doubts and fear.  Remember that fear creates fear. And stress and worry create more of the same.  Putting energy into the former, creates it in our lives, since we ARE the creator. Our thoughts negative, or positive , create our reality. In order to find peace, and answers from inside, to hear that small voice we have in there, it is important to let conceptions, and fears vaporize. Only then can we hear. All thoughts create a smokescreen,  sometimes taking all our energy just to understand.    By just making the conscious decision to let these thoughts away, vaporize, …allows the light to come into our consciousness and raises our energies into the vibration of joy and love. Feels good, doesn’t it? Try it. It works.   Love and Strength , Judi

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