Entrepreneurship  Consulting:  PRIVATE SESSIONS  CONTACT ME!

One on one business coaching AND personalized consulting. Each session will go deeply into the energy of your questions to deliver answers you can use.

Let’s get started!  I offer an Intuitive analysis of  YOUR business plan. I suggest the following as topics for your intuitive consultation. I can provide….

  • Input intuitively to refine your market strategy 
  • Intuitive reading of your income streams and suggestions to improve the flow and volume
  • Helping you remove mental blocks that get in the way of manifestation
  • Intuitively sourcing investment opportunities
  • Channeling market trends
  • Energy reading of people and situations around you. Do  you question other people’s intentions? I can provide objective intuitive insight.
  • I am remarkably accurate!

I am an intuitive empath, feeling what you feel. Answers are fast and objective.  We can talk on the phone, on Skype or in my office or yours, one on one or with your team. I teach how to manifest. Infinitely. Effortlessly. In Amazing Abundance. ♥♥

GROUP WORKSHOPS…….Channeling New Ideas

IN THIS  CHANGING WORLD communication  requires honesty. Though our projected energy  of intention, we are all  “tuned in” to heightened vibrational waves.  We can feel intention as readily as we  breathe. In order to reach others in this manner…we must transmit truth.. from heart /brain waves. Are you ready for the next “leap”?  Use your intuition and tap into the 4th dimension and dimensions beyond. 


How to start? Simply contact me … I will travel to your location to work with your groups. Customized for YOU.  Startups are my specialty.  

 How blocks limiting abundance can be removed  

Apply INTUITION  CHANNELING in your business projects

  • How blocks limiting abundance can be removed
  • How to use meditation with lots of techniques
  • Focus your business ideas and improve clarity and concentration
  • Meditation Practice: Shift into the NOW of our energies
  • How to detach from expectations
  • How to Channel  through Intention WITH RESULTS
  • Energy reading of all vibration
  • Energy reading : Using with employees, relationships, money
  • PRACTICE APPLYING INTUITION Stretch your Channeling Muscles:
  •  Implementing manifestation with  intention  

MANIFEST…it means CREATE…… I teach you how….. The conscious entrepreneur sees abundant opportunities. Expand your applications by using intuition and channeled information.  

I teach meditation, intuition and synergy to teams and individuals through coaching and consultation. Your place, mine, or remote. My techniques access the infinitely abundant streams of consciousness.


  1. I recommend Judith highly. She has responded to all my questions with considered and positive feedback. Her advice is nothing less than amazing. Whatever you call it, having an edge in business is worth its weight in gold. And Judith delivers. She understands international markets and can project quite accurately where the money is in the industries she is working within.

    Results have been spectacular. If everyone could have an advisor so focused and with such good advice, many would succeed in business. Judith is my secret weapon!

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