From Melissa: helped me heal from some tremendous
    emotional pain I had been carrying around for years…his approach to healing
    is gentle yet powerful. I’m so super grateful to have met him and Judi, they
    are just…  Amazing!!!!!!  

    Fantastic session and  high energy vibes. I am still feeling the energy today
    as well. Bless you!"

    Hi Jeffrey and Judith, "I really had a beautiful experience......I sat near a water
    fall and then went into the water and started floating on my back..It was night and
    I was looking at the stars...I stayed like that till the end...

    What is amazing is that before I left home, I had a very bad back for 2 days and
    when I got there..I realized that I was going to be sitting for about 2 hours....I
    wonder how come I didn't t think about this before...

    Anyway, after the meditation, ALL THE PAIN WAS GONE....nobody knew I had that
    pain and without Knowing the teacher told me that what was happening in the
    water during my meditation meant that I was being healed...........That is exactly,
    what happened. Thank you for this wonderful experience and for sharing your
    magical world with us...namaste."  Angelinda

From Chrissy    Dear Judi

    "You are amazing! It is hard to find
    the words to tell you just how
    much you mean to me. You have
    assisted me, encouraged me, never
    let me waiver from the miracle of

    Months ago you reached out by
    email to me after reading about my
    spiritual awakening/near death
    cleansing and you intuitively felt
    what I had gone through, and
    correctly pointed out what my life
    path had been, you have given of
    your time, and got me back on
    track when I had doubts of my gift. first I was so caught up
    about the spirits and loved ones I
    was feeling and seeing that
    without you I could of missed the
    bigger picture.

    Intuitive healing of others is where
    I am focused now, and continue
    with you on my path of discovery.
    Can't wait to see you this month!
    This time perhaps I can share some
    of my intuitive abilities with you
    and others.
    Buckets of thanks and love your

    "I had such a good sleep
    after our meditation!

    Tell Jeff that I want to say thanks
    to him for opening a new world to
    me."  Mieow

    "It was an amazing afternoon.
    Experiencing so much loving healing
    energy in one room just fills your
    heart and soul. Judi and Jeff were
    such amazing knowledgeable
    teachers and led the group with such
    a wonderful mastery.

    Jeff's' guided meditations and
    demonstration of quantum touch was
    thoroughly relaxing. I could feel and
    enjoy everything. Judith's inspiration
    uplifted the lowest of spirits. I drove
    from Vermont to Montreal as I felt
    drawn to this meeting and now I can
    see why."   Beth Ann  HHP,RMT,RHP

    "Thank you Jeffrey ! You guys are helping me more than
    you know. I feel at home with you, awesome people like you
    existed, but I didn't think you were so close haha ! Thank you
    for everything."   Sabrina

    "Dear Judi, I love what you
    said. Really enjoyed the session
    am excited to investigate
    further. I also see the areas I
    need to do a little more work
    on and for myself. I love how
    you clarified how healthy
    selfishness is freedom. That
    was big for me. A release.

    I felt like I got a good
    awareness kick butting which I
    appreciate. Things to do to stir
    up my energy.... You have think
    about, plan and then take
    action on. I love doing all of
    these things intentionally and

    I’ll keep you posted as I
    progress on my journey.  Thank
    you very much again, C....

    From Miriam,  And for once I actually felt something.
    Judith is "AMAZING". I could listen to her for hours"

    Dear Judi:  Thank you for the time and guidance you shared with me today.
    It was loud and clear and loving.

    Interesting, afterwards I was SOooo tired, as if a burden was lifted from me
    that I didn't realize I was carrying, and I have rested up these last two days.
    This afternoon, I treated myself to a new pair of work shoes, lol! I really
    needed them but was holding off for no good reason other than to make those
    worn out shoes even more worn. So good to pamper myself, and it won't end

    I have very vivid dreams; often parallel life sort of dreams. Some are like a
    continuation of a book, another chapter - don't know quite how to explain
    them. I will wake up in wonder, but then most of the details are forgotten by
    morning.  I missed the dreams of my childhood, where I could fly
    ..  I had them agin after talking with you! Thank you for sharing your
    gifts with me. I am honored.   Namaste, Lydia
    Dear Judi, Yesterday was a great day to go out and wake up!!
    I am so grateful to have met you.   Our chat was not what I
    expected and I am confused but hopeful and excited! Thank

    From V....".Thank you for your advice and
    encouragement.   My heart has felt very
    big since our call. It's taking all my
    attention. As if it just opened and is
    exploding. WOW:"
    MEDIUMSHIP  Dear Judi  I cannot express enough how much your
    reading helped me. We connected with my mother and I am so glad she
    is by my side :).

    I miss her every day and I cannot express enough how much it meant
    to me that you were able to communicate with her. You showed me
    how to elevate my vibration.

    Thank you for giving me the needed guidance that I am not getting
    from friends/family from this realm.

    Every time I talk to you, my intuition expands and the wisdom flows in
    strongly for several days.  I always appreciate those after effects too"
    Best regards, Marion (Vancouver BC)

    "Incroyable... What the energy does... i received a beautiful message
    from the universe  i just got   and ..  i am a butterfly with all its
    colors!!   Thanks to you Judi for your support and love."   Love and
    light♡♡  L

    "BTW Judi, ever since I've paid
    more and more attention to my
    intuition and inner voice, I get so
    many signs through conversations
    with others.
    It's like I now have guides and little
    angels coming to me giving me
    insight.  How amazing is that!
    You've taught me so much!!!
    Thanks again Judi!!!"  xoxo

    Eva..."It was wonderful meeting both of you:) thank you for your
    beautiful presence..insight and high vibrations!!!   It was so wonderful
    to share with you and also for bringing more through a deep and
    powerful meditation!! Thank you !!!"

    "It was wonderful meeting you both yesterday. I went to this meditation
    to open my heart chakra and I have to say that...just the kindness and
    the love that comes out of your Being was enough to open my
    heart.......  NAMASTE............"

    "Thank you Judith! Love and
    inspiration was abundant!"
    Wendy Biship

    "...out of this world,
    thank you! "  Helene C.

    "I had an amazing time of self discovery , and Jeffrey are
    wonderful beings , I can't thank you enough" XXO Veronica
    "I had SO much fun in our PRIVATE
    SESSION.  We did a meditation,then
    we spoke about different types of
    healing,and we practiced healing with

    Sending positive energy  of a certain
    "healing color"and sent them that vibe,
    as well amazingly effective.

    You could feel an "energy bubble" (you
    could feel a sort of static
    electricity/vibration,emanating from
    the person being healed,and certain
    parts of the air around them felt
    either warm or cool....and you could
    even feel the energy from the people
    DOING the healing,as well.

    I also had a tiger eye stone with meI
    felt a tingling in my hands,some had
    visions related to the stone.   Both
    Judith and Jeffrey  are great
    teachers,and work very well
    together. ”  Maggie

    thank you again for giving me the
    opportunity .... because it gave me
    a lot of confidence and strength."  

    Such positive energy, I discovered
    with their help that it is easy to
    meditate The messages received
    were powerful and exactly what I
    needed to hear." In gratitude, Mel
    The time spent with Judith was delightful and truly enlightening!
    Her presence, energy and words will heal and shift you from