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    Our mission is to offer growth and enlightenment to
    individuals who are on the path to higher awareness.

    True Life Path Institute's spiritual teachers and partners inspire and empower
    higher consciousness manifested through the human experience.

    The purpose of the True Life Path Institute is to offer holistic and spiritual
    empowerment messages of Fifth Dimensional Energy, and Empowerment

    True Life Path Institute has an open belief system that honors all people and
    belief systems, and does not subscribe to any religious dogma.

    True Life Path Institute provides a place of empowerment to anyone who is
    going through a spiritual awakening process.

    Remember who you REALLY are. Powerful beyond measure.


    The Institute was started with the idea, pure and simple..
    Empowering people to be who they really are.

    We are able to create so much just from the love vibrating thorough our hearts.
    This is the stream of energy that connects us to the universe.

    Our Certification curricula expands awareness through meditation,
    understanding lifetimes, intuition, channeling, dreams,and so much more.

PREDICTIONS......FOR 2018 and beyond

    2018 – The Year of Earthquakes, Attempted
    Assassinations, the rising of groups and cults along
    with a deeply penetrating Spiritual Renaissance.

    The world is going to change in the coming year,
    and it will be quite a roller coaster ride.
    Everything you can imagine that will change...

    Perhaps you can say that every year, but 2018 will
    be a year that the very structure of your life
    moves into transition. These changes will rock and
    roll in your world well into 2020!!! So strap on
    your seat belts, it's going to be a rocky ride,
    challenging and rewarding for those who discern
    what's real and what is illusion.

    Old foundations in your life will be pulled apart.
    Look towards the heart energy in your life to
    decide what stays and what goes. Trust the
    direction that your heart takes. That's your true
    soul energy!

    If you'd like a reading to help tune into your true
    life path and clear out the chaos in your life...
    contact me here to make an appointment.
    Love you, be strong on your journey, Judi