Energy enhancing herbs,oil,teas, and art.

Each of these herbal preparations have been careful harvested with the highest
intent of use. What that means to you is that they are organic,energized, and
potent. Full of life giving spirit, and energy without any interference. From my
experience these herbs, oils, and teas work very well to deliver healthful energy
when used in combination with other modalities.
All the products are organically grown
Growing and selling products for over 30 years
Access all the energy nature can offer.

Fresh organically grown Lebanese mint. The most aromatic and effective type I
have ever cultivated. This type of mint is so refreshing you won't believe the effects!
Mint has been used for centuries as digestif, calming the stomach, and the nerves.
Preferably after a meal, or just when a calming vibration is needed. Mint is also an
aromatic addition to many other herbs.

And this especially strong and vibrationally willing mint can be used outside the
body in everything from a soothing salve, to an aromatic addition to soap, or added
to the bath for a pick me up.

Here's a recipe for mint tea, the best, using the best.

2 large tablespoons organic Lebanese mint leaves
4 cups boiling spring water
Large teapot
Large comfortable chair

Pour the boiling water over the leaves and allow to steep for at least 10 minutes, to
extract the essence of the mint. Before drinking, please take a minute to inhale the
mint vapors. The healing aspects of special Lebanese mint start immediately upon
inhaling. Then savor.

The stars of the show: Fresh and dried organically grown , vibrationally strong
and ready to give their power to you!

Purple Clover

All herbs are available seasonally.
All herbs are available in small medium and large sizes.
Herbs do not weigh much and a small packet will last a long time.

small packet         7$
medium                 10$
large                       20$
Larger quantities, please request availability and price.

ere's a sleep aid that volunteers in an overtly gentle soothing energy.
Organic Valerian has been used for thousands of years as a gentle relaxation and
sleeping aid. Valerian is one of the most popular herbs in Europe used extensively
for easing the stress of life's little problems and its effect on our bodies.

My specially grown Valerian is extracted from the strongest part of the plant, the
roots. This is where plants store the most energy. And we add in gentleness by
adding in a few flowers

Valerian is also good for relieving headaches, and when used in small quantities is
very gentle and safe, without effects that drugs can cause.

Valerian is usually used as a tea, aromatic and when mixed with other herbs, such
as chamomile, and mint , is very effective and powerfully gentle.

Ahhhh, my lovely,lovely, lady ROSE.  She is my favorite by far, but please don't tell
the others....My roses are hand picked at the peak of their exuberance, emitting an
unbelievable perfume. Completely organic, lovingly and reverently cared for.

So strong, so sweet, this is the stuff of the great perfumes of legend. Rose and I
have a special affinity. She is my gateway flower. The one that leads me into the
energy of the rest. Her energy? My rose is very strong. Nothing sublte about this one!
What are the effects she has? Intoxicating,mesmerizing, so strong an aura yet so
loving. That's my ROSE!

For many centuries using roses in cooking was a well guarded secret in the middle
east. Rose extract, or rose attar has been used as a love potion, so strong are her
charms. How can we use this lovely rose?

I put her petals in my tea, and inhale springtime in every sip. The petals are high in
vitamin C and many other nutrients. Energy from the rose gives us love and
tolerance. She is a thorny beauty, and has the unique mix of prickly and soft. What a

Use her petals in your favorite moisturizer, sprinkle them in your bath.Cleopatra did.
Use her fragrant petals in you best dishes, and all the while enjoy the fantastic
aroma, perfuming everything she touches.