Quantum Energy Healing

    Beyond Reiki:
Quantum Energy Healing
is the course that works!

    Beyond Reiki Certification works with all energy,
    and incorporates Reiki principles, Quantum
    Touch, Quantum Energy and Psychic Healing.
    The are many  exercises incorporated to expand
    intuition and power as an intuitive healer.

    Quantum Energy Healing works with you in
    expanding intuition, and helps you to become
    THE energy channel.


    Beyond Reiki: Quantum Energy

    Level 1: Physical Self healing
    Using meditation movement and breathing

    Level 2: Spiritual healing. Opening the
    heart chakra and going into higher energy
    centers beyond the physical.  The focus is
    on Love of Self to heal on the spiritual
    level. Open awareness and intuitive
    Level 3: Scanning and Working with
    the body. Here our students  open up
    energy Through touch and running energy
    the student will practice picking up
    messages from vibrational and molecular
    activity in the body energy.  We will use
    exercises to expand intuition and power as
    an intuitive healer.

    Level 4: Learn and use long distance
    healing as an effective modality. In this
    course we use higher consciousness to
    channel higher levels of awareness going
    into deeper levels of the meditative state.

    We  introduce alternative modalities of
    therapy using sound vibration, stones and
    crystals for healing.

    In this level intuition expands. Join with
    the healing bodies of helpers and guides for
    powerful vibrations. Transcend denser
    levels of vibration to become a channel
    for the heart energies of the galaxy.


    Thanks & Gratitude from  Quantum Energy Clients:

    "First of all, a huge thanks to you and Jeff for helping me out and for helping so many
    other people.

    As I mentioned, I felt I was at such high vibration and sort of "spaced out". I Think I went
    very, very far. Probably a little further than usual because it took time to be fully back
    and talking... So if he could tell me anything from our session it would be great (really,
    any information is great).

    I can't remember much of what we talked  - "strange" - but what I do remember was the
    relief feeling, vibration and going "up".

    PS. (1)I forgot to tell Jeff about the pain in the left leg that was getting worse but it
    disappeared anyway. (2) and there was spot on the back of my neck that hurt when
    applied some pressure. All pain is gone!

    Beyond Reiki: Quantum
    Energy Healing

    2 day training .

    Within this comprehensive training
    and apprenticeship, the student will
    acquire the experience  to train new

    In Depth reviews and training
    techniques cover what you will need
    to know for the training of each level.

    You will be given the skills and
    knowledge to enable you to do
    initiations,  teach modalities and
    exercises, lead meditations and work
    with students to train them to
    become a Quantum Energy Healing

    Click here for Jeff's website:
    Jeffrey Weinstein, Master Healer

                 IT WORKS!

    "Thanks Judi and Jeff, this was a
    great experience! You're great
    and excellent mentors, a lot of
    valuable information. " Nick

    INTUITION based. We work with all
    energy, and incorporate Reiki
    principles, Quantum Touch,
    Quantum Energy, Pranic Healing,
    Polarity and so much more!

    "Transformative and beautiful experience! I recommend this to anyone interested in
    healing :)" Raj

    "Wonderful to feel, to be and to integrate. I felt such a release and am still light. Thank you
    all  !!!"

    Expand into the upper reaches of consciousness
    • Go beyond ego to heal ourselves
    • Be a healing channel for others
    • Reading the auras scanning
    • Body energy scanning
    • Higher self awareness
    • Past present and future lifetimes
    Release phobias and fears
    Let go of pain
    Lots of exercises and techniques


    Psychic Surgery, body scanning, intuitively tap
    into energy centers within the human body.
    DNA activation techniques ,altered states of
    mind and consciousness.

    using INTUITION

    Be the vehicle  for healing by
    tuning and energetically healing
    our own body, mind and spirit.

    As you expand your  vibratory
    fields, you'll learn how to  use
    your OWN universal energy to
    transcend denser levels of

    Experience UNBELIEVABLE
    healing and transformational

    "It was mind breaking, heart opening and
    breath taking. I felt so connected with the universal
    knowledge and energy that I still do feel tingling in my entire
    body. I am so blessed and grateful to have met Jeff and Judi.

    I have changed A LOT since I first started my journey learning
    QUANTUM ENERGY HEALING . . .. an accelerated and deeper
    level of awakening. I was flying higher than I ever thought I

    This path changed my life forever, and I would never go
    backward. I will continue to thrive, being free, connected and
    empowered. ” Dr. C... Ph.D.