Expand your awareness through meditation, understanding lifetimes,
    intuition, channeling, dreams, and so much more.
    Remember who you REALLY are. Powerful beyond measure.

    Be ready for stronger
    Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and
    Wild Weather.  There will be
    attempted  assassinations
    around the world along with the
    rising of groups and cults. The
    permeating vibrations will carry
    with them a deeply penetrating
    Spiritual Renaissance.

    Old foundations in your life will
    be pulled apart. Everything is
    aligning with our Spiritual
    evolutionary process. All is
    perfect, right where it needs to
    be for this phase of our infinite

    Strap on your seat belts, it's
    going to be a rocky ride,
    challenging and rewarding for
    those who discern what's real
    and what is illusion.
    What's really going to happen in the coming months and years?

    Things start to change about three days before Christmas Eve in the year
    2020 — we begin to see cycles we haven’t seen in decades — all about
    friendship and the group and global security.

    Because of the mercury retrograde cycle which has been with us for some
    time the U.S. Election will be a shambles and may even be held up, delayed
    by court cases, until November 20, 2020.  But fast-forward to next year and
    the leader is not Trump and it’s not Republican.  It’s diverse, it’s about
    community and equality. It’s about feminism and women. It’s about people
    of all colors. There is so much to be happy about next year.

    From 2023, today’s teenagers will come to power very quickly. We will have
    a lot of young politicians as they fulfil their mission, which is to treat
    everyone equally. They don’t condone sexism or racism, they’re not
    interested in love and sex, but they care about friendship and activism and
    we’ll be amazed at how quickly they move.

    There will be huge changes to the global economy. Money laundering is a
    thing of the past and corrupt and rotten economic systems are bought down.
    Year 2021 especially will be a time of greater innovation and invention than
    we’ve seen for many years.  Finally, we get the Earth coming together!

    Men becoming happier, more whole human beings with a new meaning of
    masculinity. We are becoming natural healers. We’re in the middle of a
    longer cycle very similar to that of World War II — but without the war —
    which will come to an end in 2026. It’s a complete and total revolution, not
    a reset, it’s a replacement. Everything will change!

    What you are witnessing and partaking in is a cosmic shift. A pandemic that
    provides compelling transformation of our present reality. All will be good
    in your world, family and friends and yourself. The universe, our universe is
    forming as it should. Change is happening.

    Focus on using this chaos to create. Be anything you want, do what you want
    to do. Live out loud. Be in the now of your own dreams. Make yourself the
    star of your own feature film. Love yourself and who you are even more!!!
    Make YOUR reality the only reality. That's how to stay healthy and happy.


    Always let your heart, the real brain,
    decide what stays and what goes. Trust
    the direction that your heart takes.
    Answers are instant!

    2021 TO 2026
    In  the reality of our true soul's vibration, what we are
    creating is a new planet.  The world as we know it will speed up as
    vibrations  change quickly becoming lighter and lighter...progressing out of

    As we progress further and further into a reality of our powerful selves as
    creators, there will be less and less of the older, denser vibrations,thoughts
    and ideas to hold onto.  We are becoming natural healers. Simply and easily
    manifesting our desires,bringing unconditional love to everyone we come in
    contact with, just by projecting our intentions.

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