2020 and Beyond

    The world is going to change in the
    coming years, and it will be quite a
    roller coaster ride. Everything you can
    imagine that will change...WILL.

    In these times the very structure of
    your life moves into transition. These
    changes will rock and roll in your world
    well into 2020's !!! So strap on your
    seat belts, it's going to be a rocky ride,
    challenging and rewarding for those
    who discern what's real and what is

    Be ready for years of ever stronger
    Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Wild
    Weather.  There will be attempted  
    assassinations around the world along
    with the rising of groups and cults. The
    permeating vibrations will carry with
    them a deeply penetrating Spiritual

    Old foundations in your life will be
    pulled apart. Look towards the heart
    energy in your life to decide what
    stays and what goes. Trust the
    direction that your heart takes. That's
    your true soul energy!


    We started with the idea, pure and

    Empower people to be who they
    really are, to see their truth.

    Our Certifications expand awareness
    through meditation, understanding
    lifetimes, intuition, channeling,
    dreams, and so much more.

    Our mission is to offer growth and enlightenment to individuals who are on
    the path to higher awareness.  True Life Path Institute has an open belief system
    that honors all people and belief systems, and does not subscribe to any religious

    True Life Path Institute provides  empowerment to anyone who is going
    through a spiritual awakening process.   Remember who you REALLY are.
    Powerful beyond measure.


    Your world is going to change in the
    coming years. Perhaps you can say that
    every year, but 2018-2019 will be a year
    that profoundly presents as a shift in
    attitude, beliefs, and the very
    structure of your life in transition.

    Everything is aligning with our Spiritual
    evolutionary process. All is perfect, right
    where it needs to be for this phase of
    our infinite expansion.  

    We have chosen to be born into,
    undertake, and move mankind forward.

    As we progress further and further into a
    reality of our powerful selves as
    creators, there will be less and less of
    the older, denser vibrations ,thoughts
    and ideas to hold onto.

    The world as we know it will speed up as
    the vibrations  change quickly becoming
    lighter and lighter...progressing out of
    density. Within that experience we  are
    experiencing what seems to be  chaos. In
    reality of the true soul's vibration, what
    we are creating is a new planet.  
    (destruction before reconstruction).

    These new Fifth Dimension energies
    carry a great deal of healing power. The
    lightness of vibration is creating a new
    world of splendor. Breathing into it with
    the desire to shift out of heaviness is all
    you have to do.

    All of us have the ability to become
    transformed as we carry the new
    frequencies within ourselves.

    We are becoming natural healers. Simply
    and easily manifesting our desires,
    bringing unconditional love to everyone
    we come in contact with just by our

    Welcome to the future!